“It might well be that this film actually starts a revolution,” says SPIEGEL online about THE 4th REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy.

Our cinema documentaries provide the most outstanding visions of our time on the big screen.

In March 2010 THE 4th REVOLUTION was launched nationwide and attracted more than 130,000 spectators in German cinemas alone, making it by far the most successful cinema documentary of the year.

In 2015 we set up our own distribution wing Change: Filmverleih. In March 2016 the sequel POWER TO CHANGE – The Energy Rebellion was launched onto the cinema circuit. POWER TO CHANGE has gained similarly wide attention and appraisal: 292 groups have used the film for their actions in the period from March to November 2016. More than 2,000 screenings in about 350 cities took place, reviewed in over 150 media including newspapers, broadcasts, internet and TV.

THE FARMER AND I is the debut film of director Irja Martens, who served in the production of THE 4th REVOLUTION as an executive producer. Her film was shown at numerous festivals and won prestigious awards such as the Max-Ophüls-Prize in 2016.

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