The fechnerMEDIA team at the global climate strike

After long months in which demonstrations in the usual form were not possible, it was an extraordinary pleasure for us to take to the streets again today with FridaysforFuture to demand for real climate protection.

Our Germany-wide team is never seen without a camera on such occasions. In Stuttgart, Konstanz, Tuttlingen and Dresden we captured the voices of the demonstrators to make their arguments heard and report on our experiences on our social media channels.

Company founder and producer Carl-A. Fechner has even been at two events on this day: in Konstanz he talked to Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning about the next steps on how to advance the energy turnaround, and in Tuttlingen he gave a highly acclaimed speech during the rally on the market square. His central message: „Climate protection needs not only street protests, but also more radical actions in the context of civil disobedience.”

We also asked people what they thought of our new feature film project FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD about the global path to a sustainable future and our unique accompanying, global impact campaign. We have recorded their surprising answers for you in a few short clips: