My future without coal – three people, one story

For three young people, the struggle for the German coal exit has become a personal question of the future, but on completely different sides. Philipp, a young engineer at RWE, has found his dream job in opencast mining. Ruth, a young environmental activist from Leipzig, is committed to an immediate exit from coal, both professionally and privately. And Anja, a young woman from Spremberg, has always lived from and with coal. We have accompanied Philipp, Anja and Ruth for several months while the debate about the phase-out of coal in Germany is becoming increasingly heated. What will happen for Philipp, Anja and Ruth when Germany closes the last coal-fired power station in 2038?

29 minutes
commissioned by ARD/MDR (Echtes Leben) © 2019
Director: Johanna Jaurich
Cinematography: Felix Meier, Johannes Förster, Michael Andres, Christoph Sillmann