Official launch of our 500,000 ticket campaign for our new feature film project FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD

We have been working towards this day for more than a year, and have used the unusual last months in particular to further develop the content of our film project. Today is finally the day: Our 500.000 ticket campaign for FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD has started!

After more than 31 years of making successful films such as THE 4th REVOLUTION (10 million viewers worldwide, 29 translations) and POWER TO CHANGE, our company founder and renowned German documentary film director and producer Carl-A. Fechner is now initiating his greatest work to date.

Together with the 26-year-old director Johanna Jaurich, he brings together in an unique documentary-fictional approach the decisive solutions to the climate crisis from the fields of economics, psychology, urbanism and sociology in FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD. In breathtaking images for the big screen, this film will show how people can activate the power for change within themselves. For the first time in Germany, a docu-fiction deals constructively with the most important topic of our time, climate change.

Special highlight: Being part of the MFG’s Green Shooting Initiative, this film proves that sustainability and creativity are also perfectly compatible in the film industry. We produce FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD not only independently through crowdfunding and film funding from the MFG, but also climate-neutrally.

And you can become part of this global project!
Until November 30th, you have the opportunity to become part of our unprecedented crowdfunding and impact campaign on film at With 100,000 pre-sold cinema tickets in Germany, 400,000 people in the global South will be able to see this film free of charge. The year 2020 has taught us an important lesson: We can only overcome global crises together!

Take part now!

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  2. tell your friends and acquaintances about this project.

Climate change affects us as a global community and together we can overcome this challenge. Together we will carry the FRIDAYS vision to more than 50 countries around the world – and you are an important part of it!

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