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POWER TO CHANGE screening in Iran – Organized by the Sharif Green Society

On 2017 Oct. 9th the documentary feature POWER TO CHANGE – EnergyAutonomy was screened for the second time in Iran, the home country of Amir Roughani, one of the protagonists of the film. The event took place in on of the most prestigious universities of Iran, Sharif University of Technology. It is worthwhile to mention that the conductor of the …

From film to book POWER TO CHANGE: Der Aufbruch (AT) in production

The media project POWER TO CHANGE is more than a high quality documentary with breathtaking pictures and a strong story, it is an invitation to join a movement. Therefore the film shows the portraits of different people who worldwide committed themselves to fight for the energy rebellion. The book DER AUFBRUCH (AT) is an optimistic support for the implementation of …