A key motive in all our films is to inspire and empower our fellow human beings to act sustainably. What we need are creative minds and visionaries with new ideas and future-oriented sustainable concepts for social and ecological interaction. This is a matter of concern to all of us. To broadcast the messages of these visionaries to the world will make people more aware of how the principle of sustainability can actually be put into action.

We conceptualized a complex grassroots-campaign to launch THE 4th REVOLUTION – ENERGY AUTONOMY. The film constitutes an essential tool for media activism and offers entirely new opportunities in the film sector. Thus, in collaboration with local film partners, a wide range of events on the subject of renewable energies was initiated.

Following the example which THE 4th REVOLUTION had set, the kick-off campaign for POWER TO CHANGE was started in March 2016. Assisted by local partners the film has been shown in about 350 cities in Germany.

Our films seek followers wishing to improve the future within their framework. We offer special media packages and information kits that reach people, as well as films, websites, information brochures and manuals. We are looking forward to also transforming your idea into an individual strategy for your campaign.